Want To Know How To Transform Your Online Shopping? Then You Will Want To Read This!

On performing a search of this kind, you are able to get a variety of links as your results. Some of these results lead to items that you can buy. Other results only lead to pages that are not relevant to your needs. Sorting out the reliable links can be a hustle. Thankfully, there is a search engine that retrieves only links that lead to items you can buy.

Are you shopping online? Read on

Yroo is a new online shopping search engine. It allows you to find items that you need to buy on the Internet. This search engine returns results that are purely links to items that you want to buy online for example family tents. When you use this search engine, you do not need to sort through lists of links to find your items. They are all there for you to pick.

Designed specifically for online shoppers, you can easily create personalized accounts with this search engine. When you have an account with this search engine, you can easily utilize some filters and other features so as to sort through camping tents that you want to buy. The engine is also able to send you alerts about your favorite items or brands.

Features available in this search engine

For the purpose of online shopping, this search engine was created with a number of interesting and helpful features. They are:

1. A large inventory

2. Direct connection to the brand websites

3. Inform you of alerts and developments in your account preferences

When you sign up in this search engine, you are able to gain access to 600 different brands. This means that you have direct access to hundreds of thousands of products. You can enter the name of a specific product in the search engine and it will find it for you. You can also enter a general description and the engine will return a list of similar products. You can then proceed to use filters to narrow down the list until you find the camping tents that you want.

One of the interesting features of Yroo search engine is that you can easily keep track of the family tents that you want. There are features in your profile that allow you to track the deviations in price of items that you have. You can set the engine such that it will send you an alert as soon as an item you want reduces in price. In addition to that, you can set it such that it will alert you in case there are any developments in the brand website.


This search engine is able to work like your own personalized online shopping assistant. It can alert you in case some developments occur in your account. Moreover, it learns your shopping behavior such that it is able to present you with options about items that you can buy whenever you log on. It is an ideal tool for any online shopper.

How to Waterproof your Phone with a JOTO Universal Case Bag

In sticking with the Tech post themes, lately I really wanted to talk a look at how to maximize the use of your smart phone when you are traveling.

The JOTO Universal Case Bag is the product if you want to keep your phone totally safe from water damage no matter where you are.

It also ensures your phone will be snow proof and dust proof, making this an unbelievably helpful accessory if you’re planning on adventuring anyway be it the beach, the mountains or the desert.

I first stumbled upon the JOTO Universal Case Bag after searching waterproof phone cases online and was bowled over by the amount of positive reviews this product was getting, so I had to cheek it out.

I think one of the main reasons the JOTO Universal Waterproof, Snowproof, Dirtproof Case Bag is so popular is because of its price. On amazon, this incredibly useful gadget retails for under $10. That’s a hell of lot cheaper than buying a new phone if it gets damaged by the elements.

Another reason I think the JOTO Universal Case Bag is rated so highly by users is because of its versatility.

Indeed the JOTO Universal Case Bag will fit almost any smartphone inside it, including those already in an existent protective case like an Otterbox. So whether it’s an iPhone you have, and Android or just a plain old set of keys and a credit card that you want to protect, the JOTO Universal Case Bag will do the job.

As I said before, this great, cheap, handy little invention will keep your phone or key valuables safe against water, sand, snow, dirt and dust, meaning it’s useful just about anywhere you need to go. And when I say anywhere, I mean anywhere. In fact the JOTO Universal Case Bag guarantees against water damage up to 100ft below the surface! Now that’s pretty special!

But you know the best think about this product? It’s the dual clear windows and the maintained touch screen access. That’s right both the front and back of the JOTO Universal Case Bag’s are transparent and allow you to still use the phone as you would normally.

Need to make a phone call on the slopes or snap an underwater scene or get some off road 4wd video action? No problem, you can use the full touch screen functionality of your smartphone while it’s being nice and safely protected within the JOTO Universal Case Bag – how good is that!

I absolutely love this product and can’t believe what good value for money it represents and how easy it is to use. Simply pop your phone inside and then use the easy snap lock technology to keep dirt, dust, snow, sand and water out of your phone and valuables.

Available in a range of colours and with a handy neck lanyard so you can swim, snorkel, sail, kayak, trek, fish or paddle easily with this product, the JOTO Universal Case Bag is an absolute travel must-have.